TEDx Totnes


9th October 2015 TEDxTotnes will celebrate, challenge and explore ideas on how, as a community we can protect our future.

The team at TEDxTotnes want to say a massive THANK YOU for supporting TEDxTotnes 2017. It’s was a huge success and based on the positive feedback we received, many of you enjoyed the thought-provoking talks too.

We had praise from KEVICC who live-streamed it into the Ariel Centre. The Assistant Principal, Ben Cotton, summed it up: “it was a phenomenal success. Our students were inspired, provoked and challenged.” Everyone who watched felt the same.

We’ve had approval from TED on all the talks and they are now live on our website and on the official TEDx website 

So, what’s next?
We are keeping a close eye on the progress of all our speakers. Saif has already been asked to present his talk to various Universities around the country, and Olivia has already popped up in the Daily Express Business section with an article about her ground-breaking research. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with their progress, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

When is the next TEDxTotnes?
To be a Licensee & Organiser of a TEDx needs dedication, a lot of time and work. A license needs to be granted by TED for the event, and at the moment, no one has applied for one. Watch this space as this may change in the future.

Thank you again and let’s keep these positive ideas spreading.
The TEDxTotnes Team

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