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#30days challenge….join in!

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At TEDxTotnes we showed Matt Cutts TED talk.

Matt spent a year doing something different for 30 days. He wrote a book in 30 days, gave up sugar for 30 days, did a triathlon in 30 days and many many more things. His suggestion is that if you do something for just 30 days (or in 30 days) you experience more of life. Whether you like it or not the next 30 days are going to pass so why not do something for that 30 days?

So, we challenged our audience to try something for 30 days. Either do one thing a day for 30 days, such as write a poem a day or watch a TED talk a day or achieve something in 30 days, run 20 miles, give up chocolate, write a selection of poems. Whatever you fancy but give it a go.

So do join us. What could you do for #30days? Tweet us pictures, updates, frustrations, inspirations and we’ll retweet and join in.

On the 8th November at 19:00 we’ll all gather together on twitter and see who did what.

Go on, give it a shot! There are still 21 days left!!

Good Luck.