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Wow! Over 1050 people watched TEDxTotnes from 23 different countries!

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One week on and the team are still buzzing from what was an amazing TEDxTotnes.

I knew we were on to a winner as I stood up to introduce the ‘first ever TEDxTotnes’ and a wonderful whoop emerged from the audience so thank you, it was a feeling I will never forget.

The Barn was a wonderful venue, intimate and inclusive. As you may or may not know we are limited by TEDx to 100 attendees on the day and as you probably do know, we sold out in under 10 hours. BUT what you definitely won’t know until now is that on the day we were joined by 1067 other people via our livestream.

1067 people from 23 countries. This is truly amazing!!!

Countries included: UK, Ireland, United States, Germany, Spain, Japan, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, UAE, Sri Lanka, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, Austria, China, Lithuania and Sweden! Wow, simply WOW!

I think it’s safe to say that Totnes and it’s TEDx speakers are firmly hitting the Global map and to secure this Defacto Film are working hard to edit the content so we can get the talks online and live for you to watch again, circulate and help show the world what an amazing place we live in.

So what’s next?

We are now working hard with Defacto Film to edit the content and create our first TEDxTotnes online talks. We will let you know as soon as the talks go live so you can watch your favorites again. Please forward this email to anyone who you feel may be interested in watching the videos so they can sign up for updates.

Join the #30days challenge

If you haven’t started already you still have time to join our #30days challenge.

During TEDxTotnes we showed Matt Cutts TED talk. A wonderful 3 minute talk that demonstrates how by doing something in 30 days or for 30 days you can achieve more, feel better, live more vibrantly.

We challenged our TEDx audience and now we’d like to challenge you to do something. You still have 21 days left. What could you do in #30days? Write a book? A poem? Swim 10 miles? Run 20? Have a go and tweet us using #30days.

TEDxTotnes 2016…

Do you know any companies or organisations who would like to help us bring TEDxTotnes to you again in 2016? We are looking for sponsors for 2016 so please do forward this to anyone who would like to be associated with this exciting event.

Once again, thank you for showing an interest in TEDxTotnes. It was a huge success and it will be our pleasure to bring it to Totnes again in 2016.

Warm regards

The TEDxTotnes Team